Manufacturers Authorized Collision Repair Centers
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3 Good Reasons to get your vehicle repaired at a
Manufacturers Authorized Collision Center
3 Good Reasons to get your vehicle repaired at a
Manufacturers Authorized Collision Center
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If you required treatment for a heart or a kidney illness you would not go to a general doctor or your primary care physician. You would go to a heart or kidney specialist.

We feel the same about collision repairs. When you are involved in a accident, you shouldn't go to any general body shop that works on all different kinds of vehicles. You should take your vehicle to a collision center that specializes in your specific vehicle.

The collision centers on this site are all Manufacturer's Authorized Collision Centers. Their technicians and blue printing consultants undergo extensive industry and vehicle specific training in the proper use of the factory-approved repair equipment, tools and technologies. This ensures the repairs meet the manufacturer's exact standards.

Know where to go before having to go there.
When you are involved in an auto accident you can be quite unnerved and you may have to make a decision on-the-spot about where to take your vehicles for repairs.

Do your research ahead of time
Locate a Manufacturer's Authorized Collision Center near you. Visit them and ask questions so you are well informed on what is best for you and YOUR vehicle. After all it is YOUR decision where your vehicle gets repaired.

Certifications Equipment and Training
- You don't have to worry about doing the research, the manufacture of your vehicle has already made sure that the collision centers on this list have all the Certifications, Equipment & Training to fix your vehicle properly.

Please search for a Manufacturers authorized collision center near you

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This website is strictly and solely provided as a directory to "educate" consumers on which collision centers are Vehicle Manufacturer Authorized & Recommended collision repair facilities.